Forestal del Caribe is a Guatemalan forestry company established by Arbaro. It owns about 1,600 ha of which ca 600 ha are native forests with the remaining 1,000 ha designated for the establishment of a Gmelina plantation for the production of sawlogs for the local market.


Ecua America Teak is a vertically integrated forestry company with operations in the coastal region of Ecuador. It manages high-quality teak plantations and operates its own nursery and sawmill facilities. The operations have a privileged location with excellent access to regional and export markets for teak.


Forestal VillaBaro is a Colombian company dedicated to the management of pine plantations in central Colombia. The company works in partnership with players of the local sawmilling industry. The operations cover about 1,800 hectares of plantations. 


Maderas Prosperidad is a Peruvian company dedicated to the production of pallets for the growing regional agribusiness. With the support of Arbaro, Prosperidad is building its own wood supply through the establishment and management of pine plantations. The plantations are located in Cajamarca, on land leased from local owners and communities. 


Forestal San Pedro is a timber production business, located in the San Pedro region in Paraguay, established and fully owned by Arbaro. Forestal San Pedro produces high quality timber for local sawn wood and plywood markets, mainly under silvopastoral production schemes. The company leases land from local landowners who predominantly used it for extensive cattle grazing. The net production area is expected to grow to from 5,700 ha to 7,500 ha. To tap the full market potential Forestal San Pedro will also develop its own processing operations.

Miro Forestry is a FSC certified vertically integrated, sustainable forestry and timber products business centered in West Africa. The company operates forestry plantations in Ghana and Sierra Leone having commenced planting in 2010. The company is focused on fast-growing, high-yield plantation timber for the production of sawn timber, utility poles, plywood, and energy biomass, for local and regional markets. The company mixes commercial plantation forestry with the protection and regeneration of indigenous tree species and the promotion of biodiversity and environmentally sustainable land-use management.


Forestal Apepú is a timber production business, fully owned by Arbaro, located in the San Pedro region in Paraguay. The company acquired land previously used for agricultural purposes and now produces high quality timber for local sawn wood and plywood markets. On a quarter of the company’s land, there is natural forest which is under protection to ensure regeneration. Remaining pasture land is leased to local cattle farmers.   

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