Hanna Skelly

Hanna Skelly is responsible for sourcing, structuring, and executing investment opportunities as well as monitoring and disposing of portfolio companies as a Managing Director at Arbaro Advisors. She has more than 20 years of experience in forestry sector in emerging markets. Prior to Arbaro, she led Finnfund’s (Finnish DFI) investment team specialised in forestry, environment and renewable energy with a portfolio of about EUR 170 million including plantation forests and processing industries in both Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa (equity, debt and mezzanine). Her previous experience also includes senior positions in commercial banking specializing in limited recourse financing as well as management consulting in the forest industry.

Markus Grulke

Dr. Markus Grulke is responsible for sourcing and assessing investment opportunities as well as monitoring forestry, technical aspects, and ESG aspects of portfolio companies as a Managing Director at Arbaro Advisors. He has more than 25 years of experience in timber production and development of forest investment projects, timber value chain management and commercialization of forest products as well as due diligence and technical assessment of forest projects globally. He is the co-founder of UNIQUE where he served as the managing director and led the overall forest investment team. He has also led UNIQUE’s Paraguay based forestry team, which manages 15,000 ha of forestry assets in Paraguay.

Marco Kaiser

Marco Kaiser is responsible for investment structuring and execution of investment opportunities as well as investor relations as a Managing Director at Arbaro Advisors. Marco works in impact investing since 2007. Before the creation of Arbaro Advisors he was part of the team establishing and growing Finance in Motion which was to become Germany’s largest impact asset manager. At Finance in Motion, he worked on several debt and equity transactions. As a Director leading the strategy team, he was in charge of the development and implementation of new products as well as several fund restructuring projects and asset-liability management for a portfolio over EUR 1 bn. 

Francisco Gomes

Francisco Gomes is part of the Arbaro Advisors deal team responsible for screening investment opportunities, due diligence, structuring and executing deals as well as on-going monitoring of the portfolio. He has over 5 years of private equity experience in a leading Portuguese firm (with over EUR 1 bn AuM) with offices in Lisbon and Milan. He has analysed and invested in projects in a diverse array of industries, in both equity and mezzanine instruments.

Patricia del Valle

Patricia del Valle coordinates environmental, social and governance matters, and is responsible for technical assessment of investment opportunities as well as monitoring and reporting, as a Senior Associate at Arbaro Advisors. Patricia previously worked for 8 years at UNIQUE forestry and land use. As part of the forest investment team, her work focused on the assessment of forest investments, business plan development, as well as monitoring systems for forest businesses in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Mikko Reinikkala

Mikko Reinikkala, CFA, is an Investment Analyst at Arbaro Advisors supporting the screening of investment opportunities, financial modelling and due diligence, as part of the deal team as well as providing support in monitoring of the portfolio companies. His previous experience comes from asset management industry, where he worked in analysing mutual funds and provided both internal and external reporting on them. 

Thomas Ruf

Thomas Ruf works as an Investment Manager at Arbaro Advisors. During the due diligence process, he is responsible for technical and economic assessments of silviculture, timber production and industrial processing. Post-investment, Thomas monitors project development, specifically site and species selection, timber production from industrial transformation to sales of products. Thomas has worked for more than 20 years in forest companies and timber processing industries. He has gathered a wide range of experiences in management of native forests and plantations, sawmilling and wood working, sales of timber products in developing countries and global timber export markets. His regional focus during the last two decades has been Latin America and more recently Africa.

Dr. Angela Paredes

Angela is responsible for coordinating environmental, social and governance aspects of investments. She has more than 15 years experience in the forestry sector, particularly in plantations and natural forests management, value chains, land restoration, sustainability, and adaptation to climate change. Prior to joining Arbaro, she was general manager of a large-scale nature-based solution project in South America. Her previous experience also includes a senior position (CSO) in a forest investment company, where she was responsible for the design, implementation, and monitoring of the sustainability strategy. She has also been consultant in the forestry sector in Latin America. 

Laura Alejo

Laura has previous experience in FP&A and Asset Management working for the Colombian subsidiary of an American diversified global insurer, and a German firm with over EUR 300 million of AuM in sustainability projects in the LATAM and Caribbean Region.

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