Arbaro Advisors, the Arbaro Fund and our investee companies are committed to high environmental, social and governance standards by encouraging feedback, including complaints as we look upon complaint as an opportunity to learn, adapt, improve and do it better.

We aim to resolve complaints received and recognize the need to be equitable, objective and unbiased to both the complainant and the organization or personnel against whom the complaint is made.

If you have a complaint and wish to bring it to our attention, please inform us by using one of the following channels:

  • You can file your report by using the form on this page. We encourage you to provide contact information in order to facilitate the follow up of the complaint but you may also file a report anonymously by leaving the name and email address boxes of the form empty. Please note that in such case, we will not be able to communicate with you if no contact information is provided.
  • You can file a report or provide additional materials by sending an email to our dedicated email address: Please note that when using this channel, the email address of the sender will be displayed to the recipient.
  • You can finally decide to send your report by postal mail at

           FiM Asset Management S. à. r. l., Manager of the Arbaro Fund
           2, rue Henri Heine
           L1720 Luxembourg

All complaint reports will be treated confidentially and will be investigated by our Complaints Officer.


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