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14 Nov

Arbaro debuts at the GIIN Forum 2018

On October 30, 2018, Marco Kaiser presented the Arbaro Fund to a panel of high-profile impact investors at the world’s largest gathering of its kind: the 2018 Global Impact Investing Network’s Investors Forum – or “GIIN Forum 2018” – in Paris.

The GIIN Forum 2018 attracted over 1200 participants from 80 countries to discuss and debate the latest developments in the impact investing universe. As Managing Director of Arbaro Advisors – advisor to the Arbaro Fund – Marco had been invited by GIIN to contribute to a session on “Emerging Vehicles for Climate Action” with the newly established Arbaro Fund, an innovative impact fund for sustainable forestry.

Combining the expertise of seasoned impact investors and specialists in land use, the Arbaro Fund aims to sequester CO2 while combating deforestation, creating jobs, and offering investors solid economic returns. The vehicle was thus an ideal candidate for the intense GIIN session: There, representatives from four heavyweight institutional investors cast a critical eye on new financial products – in the form of funds, bonds, or other vehicles – which promised innovative solutions to the most pressing issues in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

“The conference was very full, very high-energy,” recalls Marco. “It was a great opportunity to network – although there is so much going on, you need to make sure to plan your objectives before you arrive! It was definitely a worthwhile event.”